Valgus deformity


Varus lower femoral osteotomy for valgus shaped femur is an established treatment mode. This allows pain free knee for many years

Later when the wear and tear progresses further, one may need knee replacement.

In such a situation, if one were to do replacement without help of computer navigation, it would require two surgeries

The first one to remove plate and screws

And second one for knee replacement

But with help of navigation, the knee can be replaced without the need for first stage surgery

X-rays of both knees AP view showing Right knee lateral compartment osteoarthrosis with condylar plate
Right Knee Lateral Compartment Osteoarthrosis
Side view (Lateral view ) of the same joint before surgery
Joint Before Knee Surgery
Sky line view before surgery
Sky Line View Before Knee Replacement Surgery
AP, Lateral, and skyline views after the surgery
After Knee Replacement Surgery
AP, Lateral, and skyline views after the surgery


Knock knee or Valgus deformity

Compared to bow legs, knock knees are not common

Knock knee deformity is difficult to correct

In this video you see a lady with knock knees walking before and after surgery



She had some injury to her leg which was fixed using a rod
Valgus Deformity Case Study
I used navigation to correct her deformity
Valgus Deformity Correction
Her full length x-ray picture before surgery and also computer graphics before surgery
X-Ray Before Knee Joint Surgery X-Ray Before Knee Surgery
This is her x-ray after surgery and computer graphic showing correction
After Knee Replacement Surgery After Knee Joint Replacement Surgery