3D hip models

3D hip models in orthopaedic surgery
New Technology makes surgery more precise and successful

X-rays and CT scan have made understanding of injured bones and joints easy. But still there are times when these images are not enough and one may need further information, especially to plan surgery.

One such technology is called “Rapid Prototyping”. This is used commonly in preparing dies and for some engineering application.

For study of broken bones, especially the hip bone, this technology is very useful

Case 1

50 years old gentleman had injury to his right hip joint. His x-ray showed badly deformed hip socket and ball. This made him totally bed ridden

 Hip Replacement
CT scan confirmed the deformity but I required more information to plan the surgery.
A real size 3D hip model was made using digital data of CT scan using Rapid Prototyping technology

This allowed me to plan the steps of surgery by doing trial surgery on bone model

x-ray after successful surgery
Patient walking normally, both legs have equal length.
Case 2

This is the story of a 50 years old lady.

She was born with abnormal right hip.

As a child she was in and out of the hospital for multiple operations to correct her hip defect

Due to multiple operations her hip did not grow properly
As she grew up, her leg became short due to bad hip. This leg length inequality led to wear and tear in the opposite knee requiring replacement

She became wheel chair bound due to pain in her right hip and short leg

Her case being complex, it was decided to make a 3D printed bone model of her hip to plan the surgery
Since it was found that the artificial cup of hip replacement would not have adequate bone support, it was decided to use trabecular metal augment to fill the defect
During surgery the same steps were carried out. Trial fit on bone model made the surgery easy and perfect fit was achieved on the table
She also needed correction of her thigh bone (Femur)
Post surgery I could make the hip painless and length of the limb almost equal to the opposite

Now she is out of wheel chair and able to walk with support of a walking stick