Both Knee Replacement Surgery in one Stage

Knee Replacement Surgery For Gross Varus Deformity

Varus deformity or bow legs is quite common in osteoarthrotic knee joints. If left untreated, the deformity progresses with passage of time. Patients resort to all types of non-operative treatment to avoid surgery. One such treatment, injection of hydrocortisone in the knee joint, causes considerable damage to the joint, sometimes leading to destruction similar to that seen in Charcot joint. The classical feature being gross deformity due to bony defect.

65 years old lady presented with arthritis of both her knees of 7 years duration
Both her knee were badly worn out you can appreciate bow legs x-ray show how the bone was eaten up by arthritis
Close up view of the x-rays showing eaten up bone
X-ray picture after operation showing knee replacement surgery. Her bow legs have become straight
Full correction achieved