Hip Arthritis With Associated Fracture

Case 1

Some times a fracture becomes a blessing in disguise!!

An old gentleman was suffering from hip arthritis for a long time. He had pain, limp and difficulty in walking. But the fear of undergoing surgery, kept him away from becoming normal.

“? Fortunately” he had a fall and suffered intertrochanteric hip fracture through the same side that was painful and arthritic.

This gave us an opportunity now to correct his hip arthritis and treat the fracture at the same time by doing a total hip replacement.

This requires meticulous planning and special revision hip implant and some additional wires to correct both, the arthritis and hip fracture

X-ray showing left hip arthritis and intertrochanteric hip fracture
Intertrochanteric Hip Fracture
X-ray after surgery
After Intertrochanteric Hip Fracture Surgery

Case 2

Many a times a person has hip arthritis, and continues to live with pain, decreased mobility due to joint stiffness. He or she is tolerating this for fear of surgery. As the age advances and the bones become weak due to osteoporosis, a minor fall may lead to hip fracture.

This eighty year old lady had left hip arthritis for many years, she had a minor fall and developed fracture
Hip Arthritis

This fracture needs to be operated upon and the best treatment in such a situation is replacement of the ball and socket and take care of the fracture at the same sitting, giving advantage of relief of pain and stiffness of the hip and healing of fracture.

This not only relieves pain but allows early walking.

Hence a person who required day and night nursing care now can take care of her own self

X-ray after operation showing hip replacement and fracture treatment
Hip Replacement & Fracture Treatment