Hip replacement for congenital hip dysplasia (under developed hip from birth)

Hip is a ball in a cup (socket) joint. Some times this joint fails to develop as complete ball in a cup. It may develop as ball in a saucer. When this happens we call it hip dysplasia. This is because the ball in a cup is a stable construct. The ball can not easily come out of the cup. But when the ball is in a saucer, the ball can easily come out of the saucer.

Here is such a case. This young man had congenital hip dysplasia on both sides. On the left side, as his ball was coming out of the socket, some surgeon removed the ball it self. And that led to further problem because now the leg became short and unstable too.

Hip Replacement For Congenital Hip Dysplasia Congenital Hip Dysplasia
His surgery was very demanding. We had to do a lot of planning
Congenital Hip

We used 3D Hip model technology. In this technique we use the digital data of CT scan to make a life size 3D hip model and then do trial surgery on this bone model to get orientation of implant in the most suitable position. This reduces the difficulty on table during actual surgery.

3d Hip Model
This video shows how did trial surgery on the bone model
This is how the socket was fitted into the bone model
3d Hip Model & Surgery Hip Replacement Treatment 3d Hip Congenital
This was a very complex surgery. We had to fix plate and wires on femur bone as well. X-ray immediate after surgery
X-Ray Immediate After Surgery
X-ray one year after surgery showing full healing
X-Ray One Year After Surgery