Hip Replacement for Myositis

Heterotopic ossification or Myositis, as it commonly called is Common after major injury or when there is head injury.

Case 1

22 years young girl suffered from Acute Transverse Myelitis As a sequel, she developed massive heterotopic ossification around both her hip joints This made her sitting, walking and stair climbing difficult Both her hips were totally stiff and immobile

Hip x-ray before surgery showing massive bone formation around both her hip joints


She underwent staged Replacement of both her hip joints First we operated on the Left hip joint The ossification was mainly anterior, in the Psoas muscle The femoral nerve and vessels were very near the ossification mass The mass was removed in toto, after carefully separating the Nerve and the vessels

Subsequently, we replaced her right hip joint.

Heterotopic Ossification

Case 2

This young boy developed heterotopic ossification around his left hip Following a major accident in which his hip was replaced at some other centre His leg was short and could not be straightened

Heterotopic Ossification Hip Surgery Heterotopic Ossification Surgery
His hip was revised and ossification removed
Heterotopic Ossification Treatment