Replacement of both Hips

Case 1

There are many younger patients who have extensive hip joint arthritis making walking, sitting, climbing difficult because of severe pain and deformity.

In these individuals if they are medically fit, it is advantageous to replace both the hips in one surgical sitting. This allows them equal pain relief in both hips, it also restores length of both limbs making it equal and allows early return to normalcy.

With ceramic on ceramic implants available, these patients can start to walk next day after surgery. Initially they would need walker for few days, but later they can walk without any support.

The surgery is safe, recovery is faster and pain relief very satisfying

X-ray of both hips showing arthritis on both sides
Hip Joint Arthritis
X-ray after surgery showing replacement on both sides
Measurements on post surgery x-rays showing equal dimensions on both sides

Case 2 - Replacement of both hips following post acetabular fracture arthrosis

It is very rare to fracture both side hip sockets (acetabula) and still rare that both sides under go arthrosis (wear and tear) and require replacement surgery.

This gentleman had vehicular accident resulting in fracture of his both hip sockets many years ago. He was operated for the same and lead a fruitful life. Only recently he started getting unbearable pain in both his hip joints. His x-ray showed hips joint arthritis on both sides
He underwent hip replacement on both sides at the interval of one week using ceramic heads

This relieved his pain and limb and he is back on his feet