Solving Problem of Young Person

An accident and life completely changed for this young boy. He had left lower limb injury for which he underwent surgeries on his left hip and knee at some district level hospital, that led to deformed left lower limb, see him walking with difficulty even while using walker


His hip was so badly deformed that when he tried to lie down, his whole leg would get lifted up, and it would touch the bed only if he slept in reclining position. His knee was totally stiff

While lying down you can see how his left leg remains deformed and short.
Hip Replacement Recovery
x-ray of his left hip after his first failed surgery
Hip Replacement Surgery Case Study
X-ray of his left hip after revision hip replacement surgery
Revision Hip Replacement Surgery
X-ray of his left knee after his first failed surgery
Knee After First Failed Surgery
X-ray of his left knee after revision knee surgery
After Revision Knee Surgery
Full length x-ray showing short and deformed left leg before sugery
Leg Before Hip Sugery
Full length x-ray showing corrected and lengthened left leg after revision hip surgery and corrective knee surgery
Leg After Revision Hip Surgery
Walking with corrected left leg with walker
Walking with crutches with confidence