After Knee Replacement Surgery

  • Day 1
  • Day 2
  • Day 3
  • Day 4
  • Day 5 & 6
  • Day 7
  • Care at Home
  • Exercises to be done by you
    On the day after the surgery, knee exercises, which were taught to you prior to the surgery are begun. All these exercises help in improving body circulation and the circulation of the operated limb thereby reducing the swelling. It also prepares you for early walking. These exercises also help in reducing the incidence of calf clots (deep vein thrombosis and lung complications pulmonary embolism) secondary to calf clots.
  • Static Quadriceps Exercise
    In this exercise, you tighten your knee cap till the count of 3 seconds and loosen it for another count of 3 seconds. On the first day , it is done in the set of 5, every hour.
  • Calf pumps
    Moving the foot up and down, at the ankle joint to its maximum. This exercise reduces the incidence of calf vein clots. On the first day it is done in set of 5 every hour.
  • Upper limb exercises
    Done either in sitting or propped up in bed.
  • Raising the arms by the side.
  • Spreading the arms by the side.
  • Bringing the arms together in front
  • Elbow bending and straightening.
  • Spring dumbell.
  • Deep breathing exercises
    This is done with a machine called triflometer. To be done in set of 10, twice a day.
  • Dressing will be done and drainage tube will be removed: The dressing will become smaller , so that you can exercise your knee better.
  • You will be made to sit at the edge of the bed and knee bending and straightening will be started today. To be done twice a day.
  • The same set of exercises you did yesterday will be done today.
  • The epidural will continue in reduced dosage: You will be given mild pain relieving tablets.
  • For the patients operated on single knee, today is the last day of antibiotic course. After the last dose, your intravenous line will be removed.
  • You will be made to stand up with the help of a walker and may be allowed to walk few steps if your condition permits.

Those operated on one knee will go home today

  • The epidural tube will be removed.
  • The urinary catheter will be removed.
  • Your exercise programme will continue.
  • Today will be last day of antibiotic injections for patients operated on both knee joints.
  • Your exercise programme will continue.

Those operated on both the knees together will go continue the exercise program and will go home on 6th or 7th day

  • Sitting on an office chair, you move the chair by pushing the chair with your operated leg.
  • Stationary bicycling.
  • Climbing stairs, small steps.
  • Straight leg raising. The exercises will concentrate on getting more knee bending and getting more power in the operated leg.
The goals before discharge are:
  • Ability to stand and walk few steps with support.
  • Ability to bend knee > 75 degrees.
  • Ability to lift leg straight up in lying down position.
  • To be able to sit on a commode.
  • To be able to get up from sitting position.
  • Good balance while walking.

The stitches will be removed on the 10th day after the surgery.

The exercises taught to you are continued at home. Majority of you will be able to do them yourself, some may require assistance by the therapist.

You are required to use commode always.
Avoid sitting on the floor.Avoid sitting cross legged
Avoid sitting on surface lower than 20 inches.
Avoid sitting on the floor.
Avoid running, jogging and fast sports.
  • You may walk as much distance as you like.
  • You may swim.
  • You will be required to come for follow up examination and x-rays.
  • One month after the surgery.
  • Three months after the surgery.
  • Six months after the surgery.
  • One year after the surgery and then once every year