Knee replacement Surgery for Post Injury Arthrosis

Knee replacement Surgery for post injury arthrosis

Injury to knee leads to three major issues for a person.

One, the knee becomes out of shape if not treated properly

Two it becomes painful

Three it becomes still, it looses movements

These x-rays show one such knee. This is a young man, who after his knee fracture was treated with plate and screws, but in an improper way leading to painful, deformed still knee.
Knee Replacement Surgery For Post Injury Arthrosis

He wanted a painless, straight and mobile knee joint

The only option was Knee replacement Surgery

I had to do a lot of calculations and drawings to get his desired result

These are his x-rays after surgery
After Knee Replacement Surgery

Case 2

This gentleman had fracture through his knee, that had it come earlier, I would have treated with proper alignment with plate and screws

But unfortunately, he presented almost after one year, where in setting it correct would not have solved his problem

So I had to resort to knee replacement surgery

If you notice, in these cases, one needs extra support by screws and long rod.

X-rays before surgery
Before Knee Replacement Surgery X Ray Before Knee Replacement Surgery
X-ray after surgery showing screw and rod for extra support
Knee Replacement Surgery