Before Elbow Replacement Surgery

If you are advised surgery, you may require to undergo

Investigations as follows

  • CBC, ESR, Blood sugar fasting and after lunch.
  • Blood group and Rh factor.
  • Kidney function tests, Liver function tests.
  • Test for HIV.
  • Test for Australia Antigen.
  • Test to rule out Hepatitis C.
  • Routine examination of your stool and urine.
  • Special tests if indicated.
  • After assessing your reports, you will be referred to a physician for medical fitness, and to the anesthetist for evaluation.
  • Prior to surgery you will be familiarised with the exercises which you will be required to do after the surgery.
  • X-ray of your chest.
  • ECG.
  • 2 D echo

If you are advised surgery, you may require Blood

If your pre operation blood level is adequate, you may not need any transfusion. The blood which will be given to you is always checked for its purity and it is seen that it's properly tested as per Government regulations.

Once date of surgery is decided

Booking of the operation theatre will have to be done.

You will be given following request letters

  • Pre authorisation form for Cashless mediclaim policy if any.
  • Letter requesting admission in the desired class.
  • Letter to the anesthetist for pre operative evaluation.
  • Letter to blood bank for auto transfusion or donation.
  • When you go for the room booking, it is advisable to deposit the required amount of money to confirm the booking.
  • You are required to get admitted to the hospital one day prior to the surgery.
  • On admission, you are required to sign consent for anesthesia and surgery.

Checklist for the day of Admission

Please remember to carry following with you at the time of admission

  • All the X-rays.
  • All the blood reports.
  • Cardiogram, 2D Echo.
  • Notes of various doctors.
  • Personal toiletries items.
  • Reading glasses.
  • Small change to buy news paper etc.
  • Please do not wear any jewellery or keep valuables or cash with you.

Schedule on the day of Admission

On the day of the admission, you will be examined by the resident doctor, who will check all the reports and put them in proper order. The anesthetist may visit you and prescribe pre operative medications and procedures.

You may request for a sedative on the night previous to surgery and ask for bowel cleaning enema if you so desire.

On the night before the operation you should take light meal and if the surgery is scheduled for next morning, you should not take any thing orally after 12 midnight.