Hip Replacement surgery is being successfully performed for the last Sixty years Every year thousands of patients benefit from this surgery in India.

This operation helps in relieving pain, gaining range of motion and improving walking ability in variety of hip disorders.

It converts a disabled person to an able person. Converts a liability to an asset.

The information given here will help you understand intricacies of surgery.

The schedule given here is guideline, individual variations may occur. The end result may vary in different individuals, and in two operated hips in the same individual.

The result depends on various factors like the cause of arthritis, age and general condition of the patient, condition of the joint, affection of other joints of the body.

No guarantee of any kind can be given for any surgical procedure. But on an average the artificial joint works well up to 10 years in majority of cases with encouraging reports of success beyond 20 years.

Every effort will be made to keep lengths of limbs equal but no guarantee can be given for the same. This is true of centres all over the world.

Every surgery carries certain risks. You are required to make yourself familiar with these risks and the shortcomings.